About Mother Willow

About the artist 

Mother Willow  is the artist that dose the Pyrographic Art . She is an intuitive artist that burns the pictures on to wood disk. Also a channel and motivational speaker.  Dragonwood is the name of the family ranch, where Mother Willow lives and creates her works of art. This helps support their mission to bring love and light into the world.  She is known for her YouTube channel, Ask MotherWillow. She helps many people with her wisdom and coaching. She dose not charge for her healing works and gifts, so selling the art the flows through her helps support them on their mission. Here on this site you can see her works of art and creations that spirit has channeled through her. You can learn more about her other talents at www.askmotherwillow.org 

 Customize pictures Is the most favorite of all. You tell Mother Willow what you want and she can create a masterpiece just for you ! While no two pictures ever come out the same, having something that is specially made just for you! She can fit any budget!