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Intimate Winter Weddings at Dragonwood, Parkman, Maine

Set the stage for your winter wedding

Your love story is uniquely yours, and your wedding day should reflect that special connection.

If you've always envisioned a winter wedding in the picturesque heart of Maine, Dragonwood in Parkman is poised to transform your dreams into cherished memories. Embrace the enchanting realm of a intimate winter wedding, where love radiates even more brilliantly, and every detail is meticulously crafted to suit your wishes.

Why Choose a Winter Wedding at Dragonwood?

Imagine a snowy wonderland, where the pristine landscape becomes the canvas for your love story. At Dragonwood, we specialize in creating intimate moments that will stay with you forever. Here's why you should consider a winter wedding with us:

  • Intimate Atmosphere: With a guest list capped at 50 during the day, your wedding will be a truly intimate affair. Share this special day with those closest to your heart, creating deeper connections and lasting memories.

  • Winter Magic: Winter in Maine is nothing short of enchanting. The snow-covered surroundings, cozy indoor spaces, and crisp, clean air create a fairytale setting for your celebration. Your wedding photos will be a testament to the breathtaking beauty of the season.

  • Exclusive Accommodations: Dragonwood can comfortably house up to 25 overnight guests, ensuring your nearest and dearest can stay on-site and fully immerse themselves in your celebration. Our inviting accommodations add to the convenience and charm of your winter wedding.

  • Personalized Details: With a smaller guest count, you have more freedom to infuse your wedding with personal touches. From the decor to the menu, your choices can reflect your unique love story, making your day truly your own.

  • Fireside Delights: Warm your heart and soul with our outdoor firepits, perfect for toasting marshmallows and crafting s'mores. It's a cozy, nostalgic touch that will delight your guests and create cherished memories.

  • Wine & Charcuterie: Elevate your celebration with locally sourced wine and charcuterie experience. Savor wines while indulging in a delightful assortment of locally procured cheeses and artisan meats, all elegantly presented on charcuterie boards, adding a touch of sophistication to your special day.

Whether you envision a cozy indoor ceremony or exchanging vows amidst the winter wonderland outdoors, Dragonwood can accommodate your vision. Our scenic location in Parkman, Maine, offers endless opportunities for stunning photos and cherished moments.

Ready to Create Your Dream Winter Wedding?

Let Dragonwood in Parkman, Maine, set the stage for your winter wedding masterpiece. With its intimate setting, captivating winter magic, exclusive accommodations, fireside delights, and wine and charcuterie experiences, your special day will be a memory to treasure forever. Contact us today to start planning your dream winter wedding. Embrace the intimacy, make memories, and celebrate love at Dragonwood.

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