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Spontaneous Adventure!

Guided Hike, Borestone!

Our Dragonwood team loves nothing more than seizing the day and turning it into an adventure!

That's exactly what we did this past weekend, as we took a spontaneous journey up the trails of Borestone Mountain. Armed with our usual zest for life and accompanied by three young adventurers—ages 6, 8, and 12—we were all set to conquer the heights and create memories to last a lifetime.

From the moment we set foot on the trail, the excitement was palpable. Our youngest explorers were bubbling with enthusiasm, and questioning our desire for such a challenge, throwing out comments like, “You love this!” while navigating the rocks and roots. Our grade schooler, always quick with a joke, had us all adopting “Rule 3021: Watch your step,” as our mantra for the day.

The hike was an exhilarating blend of challenge and charm, stretching just shy of four miles and taking us about 3.5 hours. The real treat was the dock at the mountain's pond, where we paused to revel in the stillness and feel the cold spring waters. The kids were particularly enchanted, their imaginations captivated by the reflective waters and the peaceful surroundings.

As the summit drew near, the terrain got a bit tricky, especially for our littlest members. But true to our Dragonwood spirit, we rallied together, moving slowly and with great care, ensuring everyone stayed safe and upbeat.

As we descended, the day's exertions began to show, with fatigue setting in and a few more slips signaling the toll on the little ones legs, it wasn't until the final mile that we had to use three trusty band-aids. The spontaneity of our adventure was underscored by our lack of sandwiches—something we had overlooked in our haste to embrace the day. This minor misstep led to some hungry stomachs, yet it didn't diminish our spirits. Chuckling over our forgetfulness, we unanimously agreed on one thing for our next impromptu adventure: "Next time, we will bring lunch. Yes, we will do it again!"

Today wasn’t just about reaching the peak of Borestone Mountain—it was about enjoying every laugh, every challenge, and every single “Watch your step!” with the best companions. Here’s to more impromptu adventures with the Dragonwood team, where every trail leads to friendship, fun, and a little bit of mischief. For a glimpse of our adventure, check out our clip-on YouTube at Maine Gazetteering.

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