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Company Meetings and Retreats

Dragonwood Retreat and Event Center where business meets the outdoors!

-Boost Morale and Motivation

-Learn New Skills

-Focus on Team Well-Being

-Renew Focus and Energy

Celebrate Success: Recognize and celebrate your team's achievements amidst the enchanting backdrop of Dragonwood. Whether it's reaching milestones or overcoming challenges, our retreat is the perfect place to honor your team's hard work and dedication

Strengthen Bonds: Forge unbreakable bonds between team members as you share laughter, challenges, and triumphs together. Return to your workplace with a stronger, more cohesive team that is ready to conquer any challenge that comes their way

Tailored Experiences: At Dragonwood, we understand that every team is unique. Our flexible retreat options allow you to customize your experience based on your team's specific goals and preferences. From adventure challenges to mindfulness sessions, we've got it all covered!

Versatile Event Spaces: Enjoy the exclusive use of our spacious 30x40' outdoor pavilion and indoor hall for your company retreat. Our pavilion provides the perfect setting for team activities, group discussions, and memorable outdoor gatherings amidst the picturesque Dragonwood landscape. Meanwhile, our indoor hall offers a comfortable space for workshops, presentations, collaborative sessions, and meals, ensuring your retreat is a seamless and rewarding experience, rain or shine!

Company Retreat at Dragonwood: Accommodations for up to 2

5 Overnight Guests and 50

Daytime Guests. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to celebrate and enhance your team's dynamics and productivity. Book your retreat today by visiting our website at and scheduling your stay at Dragonwood.

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