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The comfort of our stay was only surpassed by the simple beauty."

— The Hudsons

Parkman, Maine

Parkman is a small town in the heart of Maine. It's known for beautiful landscapes, friendly locals, and rich history. Surrounded by acres of pristine wilderness, it's the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Local Wildlife

Observe all kinds of wildlife including moose, woodchuck, foxes, and osprey.

Hiking Trails

Central Maine offers hiking opportunities for all levels, from mountains to paths.

Bodies of Water

Mahanock Pond is right out your window, or drive to Moosehead Lake.

Local Business

Day-trip to a local winery, ice rink or ski area, or pop over to the gym or grocer.


What's New at Dragonwood

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Dragonwood has more than you need to create a unique and memorable event.

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Family Reunions

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Friend Group Getaways

Secluded Lakeside Vacation Retreat in the Woodlands of Rural Maine

Sustainable haven for friends, family, events and Mother Nature herself.


An idyllic location for weddings, reunions, workshops and retreats for up to 50 friends or family members.


Adventure like a Mainer with a wealth of local tours and seasonal pastimes we can’t recommend highly enough.


Guided on-site experiences designed to facilitate learning, healing, relaxation, creativity and life skills.


From lake views to a ninja warrior course, we're equipped with a wide range of amenities for guests of all ages.